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Auto Sat Pic FTP 4.0

Auto Sat Pic FTP is a ftp upload program that runs in the system tray, and at any preset times, will upload any of up to different 4 files to your web page.

It can also handle time stamped files generated by satellite receiving software, and they can be renamed to say latestsatpic.jpg on your web page . Will also handle UTC time stamped files, and extensions, as well as upload delays, and check for the latest available time stamped file. An example of a file it can upload automaticaly is  28031538-d.jpg. Will also download a file, say a sattelite picture, from a web site, rename it on your hard drvie and then it can also upload it to your own web site with a different name again, at any preset time with up to 4 different file combinations. It can also upload a group of files - as many as you like, at any preset time intervals.

Click here to download

Then run the self extracting zip file. Then run ftptimer.exe under c:\program files\autoftp

Online secure payment of only $19US to avoid the nag screen

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